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Good to see you Newgrounds, I used to animate way way waaay back in the day, you can see what I did is all still available. I wasn't perfect then, still aren't either but what can ya do?

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Posted by night-raider - February 6th, 2018


If you're coming around to my page, thanks as always for your time. These days I'm focused on producing podcasts primarily. On the backburner are my comics, flash animations (someday!) and comedy. Feel free to check out the link below to see what shows I'm making...


Posted by night-raider - December 22nd, 2015


Just wanted to show any stumblers on to my page what I have.


I have some flash in the works, but its a ways off, I am excited to have something to give to Newgrounds. Also my keyboard is doing that è thing so I am tying to minimize my apostrophes I KNOW I CAN FIX IT IÈM NOT A MORON!


Posted by night-raider - January 24th, 2015

I honestly have no idea who is still around that I used to know. But I find myself compelled to revisit these lands time and time again, as I owe so much of the work I do to it.

I can NOT WAIT to show you what I have in mind.

Posted by night-raider - September 14th, 2012

Hey Newgrounds account. Me again.

So, I ran into a roadblock with my podcast, my producer went and got married so I lost my space, and my will to live temporarily. But I'm hoping to get it up and running soon as I have some stable money coming in so I can afford my own recording space. It sucks living in the suburbs, away from everyone downtown.

Anyways, that's the bad news.

The good news is this:

This is Giant Enemy Comic!

I'll be posting comics on my new account: JoeIanni.newgrounds.com

Ps. I write only now, that's someone else's art.


Posted by night-raider - December 20th, 2011


So what am I up to?

Well, this podcast is well underway. It's been great so far, the audio from AP has really helped me add some personality to the podcast. I'm going to be periodically uploading audio sketches from the podcast onto Newgrounds for you all to enjoy.

Stuck On shuffle

My second project right now is a webcomic, of which is still under wraps. If you're an artist and want to work on a webcomic, but need the writing side taken care of, send me a message, I've got something in the works you'd want to be in on.

Otherwise, life's been going good. Dayjob still frustrates me to no end, but that's the usual isn't it. The one thing I love about this site is seeing my own digital footprint preserved after so many years. Some of these cartoons I did when I was really young, like, not even double digits here. I'm 22 now, and I've since discovered what it is I truly enjoy doing, and to you Newgrounds, thanks for guiding me along the way.

Here's the scoop

Posted by night-raider - August 29th, 2011

OK! So, I have done some rethinking and I am out of the animating game for good. Fear not, before 2012 rolls around I'll have launched a little webcomic for all the ideas I at some point would have wanted to animate. I'll make a post here for it when it happens.

Ill make this short. I've found things I enjoy doing more than animating, and I only got into animating to do the ideas I came up with because I couldnt get someone else to do them for me. There, said it.

I've got the webcomic, and this little gem called StuckonShuffle.


Check it out, would you?

Posted by night-raider - September 18th, 2009

Hello. If you're wondering what I've been up to, I assure you I havn't quit on flash. I do get requests from time to time to continue with my Diablo series, and there's every reason for me to stick with it. For that, I regret to inform you I just dont want to anymore. No speech necessary, anything I say to try and justify my choices will end up hypocritical. So fuck it, I don't want to anymore.

So what am I up to? This next one is called High Level Heroes. If I tell you the plot, it'll spoil the whole thing. It will be done before 2010, so be patient, sit tight and enjoy everything else this community has created.

Edit: Holy shit, its 2011 and Im still not done. I fucking suck. Sorry, I moved out of my house and things got hectic. If I can land this next dayjob I can get my hands on flash for legit (the job pays well).

What's happening?

Posted by night-raider - May 22nd, 2009

If you're reading this, thanks. I know I'm not a popular contributer to this site compared to alot of other big faces around here. And I could probably tell you a million reasons why (negligence springs to mind). So to all the people that have gotten into contact with me, thank you, I should be grateful. I've watched Newgrounds as an observer for many years, it's evolution as a community has always interested me. It's far from the Newgrounds I recall when I was younger, but change happens.

My frequency of submission is abysmal. One cartoon almost every 6 months is unacceptable for someone like me who has the time to make cartoons if I wasn't so easily distracted by video games. But bear in mind video games have been my inspiration for alot of my work. So anyways, I'm going to get involved once again with this community like I should be. And I will continue to grow as an artist, writer, animator and actor. I'm happy to lend aid to anyone who needs help regardless of skill level, don't hesitate to ask.

Believe me, I know how it feels to be terrible.